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‘Understanding sleep and safe sleep practices in early childhood education and care’ is Australia’s only evidence-based and holistic sleep eLearning for early childhood educators, leaders and managers. The sleep eLearning is perfect for professionals from all sector types including kindergarten, long daycare and family daycare. When teams complete the course for a consistent centre-wide approach, children can benefit even more. Why is the sleep eLearning essential? The sleep eLearning will help you and your team to support children of all ages to sleep well, safely. Changes were introduced in 2017 to the National Quality Framework, following the death of a five-month-old girl from SIDS in an early learning setting. Being aware of these changes, and understanding how to apply them in your setting, will help you keep the children in your care safe and well. You’ll also be equipped to help the families you work with when support or advice is needed on helping their children sleep well, safely. Children often start to experience sleep problems in the years before they start school. Studies show that up to 40 per cent of children go on to experience sleep problems in their early years of school. When you help children to get the sleep they need, they’re better able to: show interest in the world focus on what they’re doing learn how to do new things get on well with others manage their emotions behave well cope with challenges and conflict. What will you learn? You’ll learn everything you need to know about sleep in your setting including children’s sleep needs, patterns, cues, habits, settling tips and strategies, and how to ensure safe sleep policy, practice, environments and equipment under Australian frameworks, regulations and requirements. One of your teachers will be Dr Harriet Hiscock, co-director of the Unsettled Babies Clinic at The Royal Children’s Hospital and the driving force behind life-changing sleep research. Harriet and our team of sleep experts have a treasure-trove of tips to share and will guide you through three interactive modules so that you can use a holistic approach to sleep in your setting. You’ll gain a certificate of completion from The Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Early Childhood Australia that is mapped to: National Quality Standard and Framework Early Years Learning Framework Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. How is the sleep eLearning delivered? Each sleep eLearning module includes videos, interactive slides and reflective questions. You can complete the course online in just three hours (one hour per module) anytime, anywhere. On completion, you’ll have access to the materials for 12 months. You’ll also take away tip sheets tailored for professionals and families to help you make an even bigger positive impact. The sleep eLearning team. Early Childhood Australia and the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute developed this sleep eLearning in partnership, with support from the Ian Potter Foundation. Contact us For more information, reach out to Megan Keyes at +61 3 9936 6030. Read More

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